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Understanding Insurance

Embedded Deductible - If you are on a family medical plan with an embedded deductible, your plan contains two components, an individual deductible and a family deductible. Having two components to the deductible allows for each member of your family the opportunity to have your insurance policy cover their medical bills prior to the entire dollar amount of the family deductible being met. The individual deductible is embedded in the family deductible. For example, if you, your wife and daughter are on a family plan with a $3000 family embedded deductible, and the individual deductible is $1000, if your daughter incurs $1000 in medical bills, her deductible is met and any subsequent medical bills for your daughter that year, your insurance will help pay even though the family deductible of $3000 has not been met yet.

Non-embedded - On the other hand, if your insurance policy contains a non-embedded family deductible. There is not an individual deductible embedded in the family deductible. In this situation, before your insurance helps you pay for any of your medical bills the entire amount of the deductible must be met first. It can be met by one family member or a combination of family members however there are no benefits until expenses equaling the deductible amount have been incurred.

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